Date Content Attended By Resource Person
23/04/2020 Lets fight covid-19 Teachers of the junior wing Dir. of Elementary Education
30/04/2020 Bringing online classroom alive The Principal and HOD’s. Ms. Aditi Parekh and Mr. Nishant Singh
01/05/2020 Classroom through Boundaries All the teachers NCERT
05/05/2020 Creative expression in challenging times All the teachers DEPFE NCERT.
07/05/2020 Managing relation and Well-being All the teachers NCERT
09/05/2020 Importance of Mental Health and Routine during Social Isolation All the teachers NCERT
12/05/2020 Responsible online Behaviour All the teachers Ms. Janice Vergese (NCERT)
13/05/2020 Avoid technology Addiction, learn digital Hygiene All the teachers NCERT
18/05/2020 Creating interactive slide presentation All the teachers Kishore Munch by NCERT
19/05/2020 Capacity programme on Gender sensitivity and Pathways to Critical Thinking ThePrincipal, Ms.Manmeet CBSE
20/05/2020 Staying positive during pandemic All the teachers NCERT
20/05/2020 Learning from pandemic steps for self motivation All the teachers NCERT
03-06-2020 to 10-06-2020 CBSE and NSE Academy, Financial markets management and teachers training Ms. Harsimran Kaur CBSE
09/06/2020 Dramatics in teaching Ms. Sabita Ahuja CBSE, COE Chandigarh
10/06/2020 Managing Virtual Classes The Principal, Ms. Kavita CBSE, COE Chandigarh
11/06/2020 Enhancing Practical Skills and Project work in Mathematics MsMandeep CBSE
13/06/2020 Creative Activities for Junior classes Integration of ICT in COMPU Maths, COMPU English Ms Kavita CBSE, Centre of Excellence Chandigarh
13/06/2020 Innovative Assignment MsMandeep CBSE
20/06/2020 Kvm: Webinar On optimum School Online Education Platform & overall view of technologies The Principal and all the teachers Ms. Anubha and Mr. KewalKrishan
21/06/2020 Webinar on Sustainable Green Schools for Teachers and Principal The Principaland Ms. AradhanaSharma CBSE
  23/06/2020 Content Teaching Strategies Methodologies of Teaching English Writing Skills Attended by MsMridula, MsSujata Resource Person CBSE, Centre of Excellence Chandigarh
23/06/2020 Creating a culture of learning Mathematics MsMandeep CBSE
23/06/2020 Experiential Learning, Mathematical Pedagogy by Diksha, Practices for Gender Sensitivity Ms. Manmeet Kaur CBSE
24/06/2020 Training of leading Transformation in an era of digital learning The Principal, Ms. Aradhana, Ms. Manmeet Kaur CBSE
25/06/2020 Training on Applied Mathematics Ms. Shikha and Ms. Manmeet CBSE
29/06/2020 Problem based learning using Numpy-advanced in Python Ms Kavita CBSE, Centre of Excellence Chennai
08/07/2020 InhousetrainingsessionsonconductingonlineExams All the teachers Ms. Kavita Koundal
12/07/2020 to 16/07/2020 Energize Online Learning The Principal, Ms. Aradhana, Ms. Manmeet, Ms. Kavita TTF, Bangalore organized by KVM Ludhiana
13/07/2020 Webinar on “Innovative Pedagogy in Science” Science Department Madhuban
17/07/2020 Training on Alternative Academic calendar, Liberal Education in India The Principal and the teachers of Senior Wing CBSE, Ashoka University
24/07/2020 Assessing students throughout an online course Ms. Manmeet Kaur CBSE
25/07/2020 Google Forms and Creating Google Classrooms All teachers Ms. Kavita Koundal
03/08/2020 Developing attitude of gratitude in children All teachers RIE, NCERT, Bhopal
08/08/2020 Integrated Notebook using OneNote All teachers Indraprastha School, Delhi
21/08/2020 Best Practices School Leadership and Assessment The Principal and HODs CBSE
25/08/2020 Mental well being of children The Principal and all teachers DEPFE, NCERT
31/08/2020 Creating Mindmaps using Venngage All teachers S.N.D.T. Pune
08/09/2020 to 10/09/2020 Online Capacity Building Program on Class IX AI curriculum Ms. Kavita Koundal, Mr. Jai Singh CBSE and INTEL
08/09/ 2020 The Awakened Citizen Program: Value Education Ms. SujataSood Ramakrishna Mission, Delhi
11/09/2020 ShikshakParv – Series of webinars on NEP The Principal and all teachers Ministry of Edu. Govt. of India
14/09/2020 CCT Newsletter for September The Principal and Ms. Manmeet CBSE, Regional office
14/09/2020 Hindi Divas Hindi department teachers Madhuban
15/09/2020 Inhouse Training session on Google Forms and creating question Paper All the teachers Mrs. ManjeetJauhar and Ms. Kavita Koundal
20/09/2020 Training of Lead collaborators for Hubs of Learning The Principal as a lead collaborator school CBSE
20/09/2020 Online Assessment tool for conducting exams All the teachers of Senior wing Delta Step
5-10-2020 to 9-10-2020 RAISE 2020 Virtual Global Summit on AI The Principal, Ms Kavita Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology
11/10/2020 STEM-Tasty tadka of Life in Science and Mathematics Science and Mathematics teachers of senior wing IIT Gandhi Nagar, IISER Pune
27/10/2020 Webinar on Capacity Building Programme to enhance reading and comprehension skills The teachers of English Deptt. CBSE
06/11/2020 CCT/PISA-decoding competencies for English MsMridula, MsGurpreet CBSE, COE, Chandigarh
12/11/2020 CCT/PISA-Science competencies MsAradhana, MsChanderPrabha CBSE, COE, Chandigarh
17/11/2020 CCT/PISA-Maths competencies MsManmeet, MsMandeep, MsShikha CBSE, COE, Chandigarh
25/11/2020 Fit India Mission The Principal and all teachers ShKirenRijiju and Sh. Suresh Raina, former Indian Cricketer
30/11/2020 ReSET-Relearning Essential Skills for Efficiency in Teaching MsAnjana, MsArchanaMsChanderPrabha and MsRenuPunia ICSL